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About us

dot OOX Italia S.r.l. was formally founded in 2002 from the two decade experience of its founders as nationwide pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical Distribution Company. Almost 30 years of specialization in pharmaceutical logistics have led to the company’s consolidation of quality that, in time, OOX has decided to apply to other areas of service within the pharmaceutical sector.

2005 marks the foundation of the Optox division, which is dedicated to the commercialization of visual care products in optics stores. In short time it establishes itself as market leader.

In 2010, OOX inaugurated the Packaging division, specialized in blistering packaging and secondary packaging of food supplements in the form of capsules and tablets on behalf of third parties.

In 2011, OOX created OOXstore, the new division specialized in the distribution of nutraceuticals and medical devices through a newly designed e-commerce software, aimed at achieving  the widest spreading of this service all over the national territory.

oo group

OOX is integrating part of OOgroup, industrial group that is at the core of two other companies:

>> Sooft Italia S.p.A
Pharmaceutical company that commercializes pharmaceutical, medical devices, parapharmaceuticals for the ophthalmic market. Sooft contains the divisions Glaucoom, OOfta HiTech and Neoox.

- Glaucoom
Line of products tailored to the glaucoma segment

- Ofta Hi-Tech
Line of innovative products tailored for surgery and parasurgery

- Neoox
Line of products for neonathology

>> Bioos Italia S.r.l.
Pharmaceutical company that commercializes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, parapharmaceuticals for the ophthalmic market.


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